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How to Ignore Your Negative Inner Voice

I can’t tell you how many times I believe there is an actual physical/ living person inside of my brain telling me all of the negatives in my life and how to consume that negative energy. This ‘person’ often makes me think it would be better if I just stayed in my pjs, lying in my bed, replaying stressful situations in my head all day, rather than facing those situations and enjoying the beautiful world that God has created for me (and you) to enjoy. And literally that’s how I see it. I just picture the negative energy in my mind like a person, who I can remove from my life if I want to. Ironically, my last post was all about this but you know you have those people in your life who don’t help you at all i.e. put you in a negative mind-set, and therefore you remove them from your life. Just see your inner voice like this; someone who makes no positive impact on you therefore you should reduce the amount of time you spend with them. Although I do understand that this may not be 100% possible, in realistic terms.

I know that is a lot easier said than done. I am not saying you can just do that in a day but what I am telling you is that there’s hope and there’s possibility. There is a way to block out negative energy. I won’t sugar coat it; it’s not going to happen instantly and of course you’ll still have that negative voice that comes your way but at least you’ll now know how to cope with it.

A couple of days ago, I had to face something which was really big for me. The thoughts that seemed to be formulating in my head, leading up to it this event were negative, all negative. All I could think about was the fact that, whatever happened, I would end up panicking.  However, although I still felt negative in the beginning, throughout the situation I started to feel more and more relaxed and it was because of two reasons; one, as I’ve mentioned all throughout my blog, my faith and trust in God is the reason why I get through situations but two, It was because I didn’t let the negative voices in my head get in and I stayed calm and saw the bigger picture.

Yes I’ll have negative thoughts but are they really going to matter in a year or so? –  Probably not! Are they going to affect me forever? – No!  The negative voice in our heads wants us to give up and loose what our purpose is. But through letting it get to us, you’re essentially letting that ‘person’ win. In a competition, do you want the component to win? – No! So think of it like that!

We all have this inner voice and sometimes we need to physically speak to it, to let it know that it needs to back off! None of us want someone telling us that ‘we’re quiet’, ‘we’re ugly’, ‘we’re a burden’, etc. so why is it any different with our inner voice. What would you do if an actual person said these things to you? I don’t know about any of you, but I would cry! If I were more confident, I’d tell them that it’s rude and that they shouldn’t say that to me again. Likewise, use this technique with your mind- have a conversation with it. Say ‘I don’t need this negative energy; you’re not making me feel good about myself’.

Although it may seem really hard, just don’t focus your mind on these negative thoughts. If you think a negative thought is accumulating, focus your mind on something else. I like to remind myself of all of the positive things that I’ve done and therefore your positive inner-voice overrides the negative and I promise you, it makes you feel a lot better.

I’m not trying to say this will work for everyone, nor will I say it will be effective every time. Sometimes, negative thoughts get too much for us and they do affect our everyday lives, so much so that we have to take the day off. So, I’m definitely not saying, this will work in all circumstances. But what I am saying is that sometimes we do need a detox from our inner voice and we need to physically tell it to stop!

I know this is quite a short blog post for me but I will be posting a lot more on here as my summer holidays have begun and I’m no longer spending my time revising (yay!!).

Love, Emily



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