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How to adapt to a ‘stay at home’ Christmas

Firstly, I know that the idea of spending Christmas at home brings a lot of people worry and sadness. I particularly write this blog post for people living in the UK because of the recent news that we’re on lockdown again. 

You may be someone who is so used to having a big Christmas with loads of your family and attending loads of events during this season so the fact that you won’t be able to do that this year has probably made you question what you’re going to do instead. I know that this has and will have an impact on many things, including your mental health. For some of you, attending events and going out shopping may have been a way to alleviate anxiety this time of the year and so not having the ability to do this must be hard. 

I also know that some of you may not usually spend christmas at home so having to spend your whole time within the constraints of your house must be something that is also hard to adapt to. 

I know that this Christmas won’t be the same regardless, but here’s some tips to make your Christmas at home enjoyable.

  • Make a yummy Christmas meal (or get one delivered) – having a Christmas meal is usually a tradition in most families so even though you won’t be able to be with all of your family, you can still enjoy a meal as if you were with them. However, if your christmas is usually spent in a restaurant/you just don’t cook, then you could get one delivered to your house/ buy a ready made meal from the supermarket and then it’s no stress to you.
  • Take this free time to do all the activities at home you’ve always wanted to do but never had the time to –  I am definitely taking all of this free time to watch loads of Christmas movies and read loads of festive books!! So even though it’s sad that we can’t go to Christmas markets or attend the theatre, we can use this winter as an opportunity to take up a new hobby! 
  • Facetime your family/ friends on a zoom – Not being able to see your friends or family this year might be really hard but due to modern technology we’re able to connect with people all over the world so even though it won’t be in person, one way or another we will be able to see our loved ones this Christmas. You could even play a virtual game such as charades, to make it feel a bit more festive! You could even facetime your whole morning of opening presents if you’re going to be away from someone who usually spends christmas with you. 
  • Treat Yourself – Being that Christmas is very different this year, one way to get through this change in environment is to treat yourself. I don’t mean this by impulse spending but just giving yourself a little something; even something as simple as treating yourself to a nice desert on Christmas day (let’s be honest we all deserve it!).
  • Lastly, take time to complete self care – Like I said in the beginning of this blog, this time may be triggering anxiety or any other mental illness so it’s so important to look after yourself. Take time to process your thoughts and really work through them. One way to do this is by creating a diagram that outlines what you can and can’t control. Through doing this, it will help you to see that despite having rules placed upon you,you are still freely able to make choices. 

I hope these tips help you! Like I said, it will not be a ‘normal’ Christmas but it’s a way of making the best out of an awkward situation. 

I will be back in the New Year with some new content so look out for that! However, for now stay safe and know that it’s okay to be feeling sad at this time – you’re not alone and it’s amazing that you’re seeking help right now just through reading this blog!

Emily xx


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