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Seeing Rejection as an Opportunity

Rejection affects all of us at some time; whether a person has rejected you or a job has, it is something that is hard to digest. You may have looked at the title of this blog post and thought I was crazy, but I am here to tell you that it is true. Rejection is a word that is typically linked to negativity, but I am going to change the definition for you.

Also, for clarification I am not here to tell you that rejection isn’t hard and doesn’t hurt us because it does, and it is real! However, I am writing this post to reassure that rejection happens for a myriad of reasons.

The first point is that ‘rejection can be God’s protection’: you may have heard this phrase said many times, but have you ever really understood what it means. God is constantly protecting us, and he knows when a danger will arise in the future so sometimes rejection is the only way to avoid us getting hurt. An example could be that you’ve been praying for some friends for a long time and some people come into your life, but they somewhat reject you from ‘being friends with them’. This could be God’s protective hand over you because those people may have been toxic to you in the future. It’s hard to adjust to this because it’s hard to have faith when it seems like there’s constant rejection in your life but trust me, it’s a saying for a reason!

My second point is that rejection isn’t always personal. Let me explain. Take a rejection of a job for example; you may not have succeeded in filling that position for multiple reasons e.g. they may have had so many applicants that they had no space to hire you. I know that rejection makes you automatically lack confidence and self-esteem, but rejection is sometimes an unfortunate consequence from something else! In other words, rejection isn’t always direct to us and it doesn’t mean that we’re not worthy. Whatever you’ve been rejected from recently, just remind yourself that, that specific thing doesn’t define your worth and it isn’t always a result of something you’ve done.

My next point might be controversial but to me, it’s been really helpful to hear this and that is Rejection can be a learning curve. I know that you may disagree with this statement but hear me out! If I were to fail my driving test tomorrow, I would be devastated (obviously) however if I were to think it through, I’d realise that through looking at the mistakes I made, I can work on them to get better! Now I know that rejection isn’t always as simple as that. Like I said in the above point, rejection isn’t always personal but if it is, take that rejection and show it who’s boss haha! But seriously, you can flip a negative to a positive when you change your attitude towards it! Honestly, take it from someone who’s been rejected from so many jobs! I’m still unemployed now but I’ve learned to use the rejection and take as an opportunity to grow on my skills and to build myself as a person and you can too!

Lastly, this isn’t really a point but rather a word of encouragement. If you’re in a place of rejection right now, I get it! It feels like everyone else is moving on with their life and you’re still stuck at the bottom but that couldn’t be further from the truth. I used to think this all the time, but the truth is, everyone’s life is unique and we all have different seasons of life; you couldn’t have the exact same life as someone else, even if you tried! If you get rejected today, after reading this post, try and look at it on the flip side and see how you can use it as a positive rather than a negative. Don’t let rejection steal your confidence!  Also, if you need any more encouragement, I am always here, so drop me a message on email or social media.

Love Emily xx


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