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How to be Hopeful During Covid-19

Hey Guys, 

I thought I would bless the start of your week with a positive reminder of how to get through this time. 

I know that some of you may be really struggling with staying at home and not be able to follow a routine like you usually do. However, I want to give you some tips/words of encouragement to show you that you can use this time for good. 


I wanted to list some activities you can do while you’re stuck at home. 

  • Binge a TV show/ watch as many films as you can (Challenge: watch all of the Marvel films!) – This is the best time to relax on the sofa with a bowl of popcorn without any of the distractions you would usually have. I know that I am going to watch all of my Disney + watchlist haha!
  • Read an interesting book – I know that you probably have a ton of books around your house that you’ve never read – well now is the time to read them. Also, if you’re struggling to go out and buy a book, you can always buy an E-book, they’re way cheaper and you can read them on your phone – which I am sure a lot of you would prefer. 
  • Bake/Cook – Try out some recipes- even if they’re crazy. Honestly, I am not a good baker but that’s okay because I can just keep trying until I get there and you can too. Go onto Pinterest and try and re-create those recipes. You never know it could become your new hobby. Plus, if you’re running out of quarantine snacks, this is the best way to have something to eat, without leaving your house. 
  • Do some exercise – It doesn’t have to be a full-on abs workout; it could just be a warmup. I always do dance workouts – ones where I just dance around crazy!! Do some exercise that will help you to relax and where you distract yourself from what is happening. Also, going for a run or a walk around where you live is also a great form of exercise. 
  • Complete tasks you’ve postponed for a while. I know you probably don’t like it, but that work won’t disappear until you do it, so cut out some time to complete that pile of work! Trust me, you will feel a whole lot better after doing it. 
  • Clean something in your house – whether it is some deep cleaning or some re-organising, have some fun with it. Get out your duster and surface cleaner and put all your frustration into cleaning – trust me, this technique really works.


I wanted to share with you some of my views on the situation and how to stay positive. 

As most of you will know, I am a Christian so when situations like Covid 19 happen, I know that God has got a much bigger plan than what we are physically seeing. I understand that many of you may not understand this and that’s okay. That is why I wanted to share with you some verses and views of fellow Christians who summarise this. Also, I am not claiming that this is an easy situation and that I know what to do all the time; I am just saying that I know to trust that God (the creator of the universe!) has got it covered. I wanted to put it out there, that I have been struggling with all of the news and media being covered and it has actually given me a lot of anxiety. I want you all to know that being Christian does not mean that you’re positive all the time and if anything, it can be harder as you have to have a stronger amount of faith. 

I will be honest, up until last Monday, I wasn’t really living my relationship with God the way I wanted to. It was my sister who reminded me to do my devotional in the morning and to pray through my issues. I then realised that, I will never get through this panic that we’re all going through, on my own. I have to give my fears and anxieties to the only person who can manage them. I was reading a devotional yesterday and something that stood out to me was “His word does not promise strength and help before we need it” Basically, what this verse is saying is, during this time particularly, you may think that God is not present, but if anything he is going to enter your life exactly when you need him there. 

That is what faith is! It is knowing that God is going to be there when you no longer have the strength. I also thought I would share an extract of a post that my sister shared, which I think we all need to hear. 

“Society: What about my plans?!

God: My plans for you are always better than your own. Don’t worry. I’m going to work this all out for your good.

Society: We’re not going to get anything done!

God: That’s the point. You know how you keep spinning your wheels—always working, moving, doing—but never feeling satisfied? I’ve given you permission to stop. I’ve cleared your calendars for you! Your worth isn’t tied to busyness or accomplishment. All you have to do is take care of each other.

Society: What does this all mean?

God: It means I’m in control. It means you are human and I am God. It means I’ve given you a wonderful opportunity to be the light in a dark world. It means you are going to learn to rely on me.

Society: What are we supposed to do when we can’t leave our homes?

God: Rest. You are always so busy and overwhelmed, crying out to me weary and exhausted. Can’t you use a break from your fast-paced and over-scheduled lives? Go ahead and rest. Pray. Love your families. Be still and spend time with me.

Society: You mean we’re supposed to stay home with our kids all day, every day?

God: Yes. And you’re going to be just fine. This time together is a rare gift. The rush of daily life has come to a halt. Play games. Bake cookies. Work on projects you’ve never had the time for. Teach them kindness and grace. Show them how to endure difficult circumstances and steer them toward me.“

Also, I believe that life has come to a halt for a reason. It is like you have a second chance, a time to do something you never had time to do before. Also, it is a time to realise that when something like this happens, you look to something greater than yourself – God! He is the only one who has the power to change what is going on. 

Of course, I understand that if you’re a key worker, the circumstances will be different on what you can do day-to-day. But do you know the one thing that isn’t different? It is that, even if you’re bravely working right now, you can still have a relationship with God, and you don’t have to do anything to earn it. It’s that amazing! God is looking out for you during this time, and always, no matter what!  

I really hope this blog has brought comfort to some of you! Hopefully there will be a new blog post up next week! 

Love you all, 

Emily xx


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