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How to Make the Most of Everyday

Hey Guys,

I’ll be upfront and say, some days I wait until 1.00 in the afternoon to do anything. I sometimes spend about 5 hours a day just watching TV and films, no joke there!! I sometimes think that the day isn’t long enough to complete the tasks I want to do, and I know I can’t be the only one who thinks that! However, I am writing this post to show you that it is possible to do everything you want to do in a day and here are my top tips:

  • Be realistic with your tasks for the day 

This is a really important point yet even I forget to put into place sometimes. I feel like in today’s society we put a lot of pressure on ourselves to complete a ton of work, when it’s not even humanely possible. When it comes to the end of the day and you haven’t completed everything you wanted to, you probably feel frustrated and stressed. This is probably because you over-estimated how much you could do in a day and weren’t practical with how you could approach it all. Even if this doesn’t apply to you, a tip that will help you nevertheless is: before you make your goals for the day, make sure they’re possible. By this I mean, don’t aim to complete something in day that you already know will take longer than this. It’s better to complete something over a few days rather than rush it, just so that you can complete in one day. What I am saying is, tip 1 for making the most of everyday is not putting high expectations on yourself and instead being realistic with amount of work you can handle. 

  • Make a To Do list 

This leads me to my next tip which is, set a To Do list every day stating all the work/ tasks you need to complete. I currently use a post-it-note which I stick to my computer as I spend most of my time at my desk, so it reminds me of the tasks I need do. You may not have a desk, so I would just recommend sticking it somewhere you’re going to see it. I also use the reminders app on my Mac to give me regular notifications to complete a certain job (I think most phones also have this function). Once I complete one of the tasks, I tick it off. Maybe it is just me, but I find this so satisfying and it means that I am on a role throughout the day. It also helps to create a To Do list because you’re able to keep track of with what you’ve done and also what else needs to be done. Something that I have found helps is starting with the easier tasks first and then building up ones that are harder and more time consuming. This is particularly useful when you’re feeling un-motivated and tired as your body can gain energy throughout the day, through doing the smaller tasks. Hopefully that makes sense haha! 

  • Wake up early 

This Is probably one of the most overused tips that I’ve seen but it’s so true. When I wake up early, I feel as if I have so much more time to complete everything. The other day I woke up at 6:30 am as I had a doctor’s appointment at 7.00 am and when I came back, I had completed ¼ of my tasks, before the time I would usually get up. I know it’s horrible waking up early and I’ll be honest, I hardly ever wake up at 7.00 am or earlier but when I do, it makes me feel so much more energetic and equipped for the day ahead. Even though I usually wake up at 8.30, I am going to try and wake up at 7.30 every day to ensure that I can make the most of the early hours!

  • Restrict yourself from distractions (phone, TV etc)

This one is a MUST!! We all need to hear this as I know this is my biggest fault. I am always super distracted, whether it is watching a TV show or creating boards on Pinterest for no reason, I put off my work to the point where it gets too late to do it anymore. Honestly, I can promise you, you will be so much more productive when your mind isn’t pre-occupied with something else. I know it sounds stupid, but sometimes I put my phone in a cupboard just to make sure I don’t go on it. Just think that you have the whole evening to go on it because the daytime is when you work! – this is the mindset I use all the time (not saying it works effectively every time, but it gives me an incentive to work harder). We live in a world full of media, so I understand it is incredibly hard. I am not telling you to cut off completely as I understand you may need to go on your phone for a specific task or work but just make sure you’re using it in proportion and aren’t using as a way to avoid your work! Also consuming too much media can have an effect on your mental wellbeing, which therefore has an effect on the way you spend each day. 

  • Take breaks 

My next tip is ensuring that whilst you’re doing all of the above that you’re still taking breaks. I learnt from exams, that my mind isn’t going to work to its full potential if it’s tired, which happens when you try and overwhelm yourself. Even though I am saying make the most of everyday, this doesn’t mean you have to stress yourself out to get everything done all at once. It’s so important that you take food and drink breaks and that you get yourself some fresh air. You will not make the most of the day if you’re in the same spot for a consecutive amount of time. Trust me, your brain won’t like it and also you will feel tired from it, which means that you will want to take much longer breaks later on. Get what I am saying! It depends on your situation, but I think you should take breaks (even if they’re five minutes) every two hours. Maybe this is just me, but I have found that this is when I am most productive! This applies to people who are at school, work and even people who spend most of their time at home. 

It is also super important that I put it out there, that there are some days when you feel like you’re unable to do anything productive and I totally get it! I have had many seasons in my life, where the most productive thing I have done is got out of bed. I really encourage you, if you’re in one of these seasons right now to take pleasure in the small details. Basically, what I am saying is, be proud of what you do, even if it is just eating your breakfast. Also, there are so many activities you can do, even if you’re feeling drained, depressed or anxious such as reading, writing or even cleaning. I know it sounds crazy, but I really enjoy cleaning (my inner Monica) and when I do, I feel like I have accomplished something and haven’t wasted the day. This is just how I feel however if you want some advice on this, just give me message and I’d be happy to talk to you about different activities and hobbies you can do. 

I hope this will help you. Let me know if there are any other tips that you use, which help you to be productive. 

Love you all 

Emily xx


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