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How to be Honest About Your Struggles

Hey Guys,

Okay I know, I know it’s been like two months since I last posted. Honestly, it’s been kind of crazy. I’ve got a job now so most of my time has been spent doing that. Also, to be totally real, about a month ago I was battling with depression, so I didn’t feel like posting anything. I am a lot better now but, like anyone, I am continuing to have those days where I feel up and down and that’s why I wanted to write this post. 

We all have thoughts that enter our mind that are unwanted, but they continue to stay there. Most people take the approach that if they don’t talk about them or if they don’t recognise that emotion that it will just disappear. To be honest, this is correct. I have read a lot about unwanted thoughts and the key point that all of the books state, is that we shouldn’t try and think too much about the thought and rather just let it stay in our minds. HOWEVER, this does not apply to all circumstances; for example, if a person has started to get anxious thoughts, it is not a good idea to just let it pass. This person needs to talk about it. See there is a difference between me and this person. I am someone who (most of the time) knows and can understand the difference in my thoughts i.e. I am able to recognise a thought that is fake and is trying to trick me and for this reason I can just ignore it and not let it bother me. However, it sounds crazy, but if you are someone who is confused with your emotions, you need to understand them and why you’re feeling that way.

Anyway, back to my main point, it is super important to be honest about your mental health/general struggles. I have been lucky enough to be given a voice where I can talk openly about my anxiety and help others. However, I say that, but we all have a voice! Maybe I am not afraid to talk about it and that’s the difference between me and someone else but remember that you can speak up and that’s not embarrassing. 

This is just my own personal opinion, but I believe that society has made us believe that it is embarrassing if we talk about the fact that we may be struggling with anxiety/our mental health. I think people think it will ruin their reputation but here’s the truth:

You will essentially be causing yourself pain, by not being able to be honest with the people around you. If you take one thing from this post, let it be that you shouldn’t be embarrassed about that part of your life. 

Don’t get me wrong, I get it! It is really scary saying to your friends that you can’t go to that meal because you’re anxious or that you feel sick from nerves but here’s my advice, if they don’t understand that, then that’s their problem and honestly I’d say they’re not good friends. 

However, I am not here to talk about friendships, I’m here to talk about YOU being honest with your struggles. Like I was saying earlier, we can sometimes hide the fact that we have struggles but that usually ends up making a bigger mess. 

I want to tell you all a little story of something that happened to me; its not entirely related but the end result is what I want you to focus on. When I was younger, and I did something wrong or something that I regretted doing, I would hide it. So, for example once I spilled something on the floor or a cushion (I can’t remember what the object was) so I just covered it over with something else. Later that evening my parents had found it and were shocked at how it got there. Because that stain was left, they couldn’t get it off; as with stains you need to clean them instantly for them to be removed. Anyway, I told my parents and they were confused as to why I didn’t tell them as, if I had it would’ve been less of a problem. The basis of this story is to not let it get too late- don’t hide your mental illness/problem. Like I said, if you do, it will slowly start to become worse. 

I am not telling you to immediately do everything to help yourself – I am talking about baby steps! The first thing I did was talk to someone, for me it was my mum, but for you it could be a partner, friend, sibling, even a counsellor or therapist. Then try and distinguish what it is you’re feeling – it may not be anxiety, it could be something else, there are so many mental illnesses out there. 

Trust me being honest about what you’re going through, feels like you let weight off your shoulders. Also once you accept you’re struggling, it makes it easier to get better!

I know this post is short compared to my other blog posts, but I am trying to get back into my writing as I lost a lot of my ‘inspiration’ for this blog. 

Please stick with me though as I WILL be posting more before the end of the year (omg literally 1 more month!)

Also, if anyone wants to talk about their struggles or if you’re just unsure of what mental illness you may have, drop me a message on Instagram or email 🙂

Love Emily xx


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